LVR: 50 Euros for shipping??!!

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  1. doesn't that seem a bit extreme?:cursing:

    has anyone had any luck trying to talk to LVR and haggling it down?
  2. That's what I paid in shipping for my Chloe bag but it was 70% off so I couldn't complain too much. I will say that they mailed it Fedex international and I ordered on a Monday and had it by Thursday. I had to fill out an importer form with Fedex and they billed me for the custom fees. It wouldn't hurt to try haggling it down.
  3. For orders over 1000 Euros - shipping is free.
  4. I am in the UK and ordered from them yesterday morning at 8am - the bag was with me by 10am today!!!
  5. I have to tell you that LVR (and FedEx's) service was phenomenal. I have no complaints on the muscade Chloe I got a few weeks ago.
  6. :nuts: NOW THATS FAST!
  7. I'm waiting for my LVR purchase now. Is the shipping a part of the final price or do you pay Fedex when it comes (get this, the csr at Fedex didn't know). Also the import duties (yes the full price, no Behrain here LOL) will be billed to me..

    Does anyone know about the shipping fees from LVR and how they are instituted?
  8. When I got my bag - the shipping fee was included in my total price but I had to pay customs on the bag. Fedex couldn't deliver my package until I signed an importer form and then about two weeks later I got a bill from Fedex for $65 for custom fees. Fedex advanced the money on my behalf so it included a $5 advancement fee. I was tracking my package online and it was stuck in Tennessee and that's when Fedex called me at home to request the form.

    I also paid a 3% conversion fee on my credit card for the foreign charge.
  9. Arrrrgh TWO WEEKS I believe it, I too am tracking my package. It's been on 'clearance delay' for two days now. I faxed the form this morning. Okay so I can expect an @80-100 dollar additonal fee on those stupid booties.

    But yes, I do love them....what we do for love.......:sweatdrop:
  10. You will probably have your bag tomorrow. I got mine the day after I sent the form.
  11. I got my bag the day after I faxed the form. The bill from Fedex came about two weeks later. Mine still showed as clearance delay when it got delivered so I think they're slow in updating the system. Hang in there!
  12. Yeah that's so high!!! plus remember this- if you have to return it if it's defective you'll get stuck with the customs bill too. Probably over $100--

    Net a porter doesn't do that and neither does Diabro- plus they don't overcharge for shipping.

    I'd say go with either of those companies before LVR.
  13. It's expensive but fedex int. is extremly expensive I know they have a contract with them but I did inquire about shipping a bag myself via fedex from France to US and I was told I would have to pay about 120 euros!!!:wtf:. so I don't think that they overcharge.
  14. Well I did get the booties the next day. Thank God they fit and are flawless, so I'm keep them. Shipping cost was in the total, Fed-Ex will charge me custom fees in two weeks. There's also the fee from my CC for conversion(@10 dollars). These booties will cost me around 660 dollas. I'm okay with that!

    However I have a gut feeling the Chloe stores in the U.S. will have them and therefore I should have waited. It's the whole bird in the hand thing. LVR has one model for each size and color. When they're gone, they're gone???????