lvpiggy's collection - to be updated frequently, i hope!!

  1. Hi everyone! Thought I'd start out by posting my collection, I love browsing through yours so I hope you'll enjoy mine as well! Hoping to grow it soon!!!

    Not in any particular order:

    Louis Vuitton

    Black Epi Leather - Pochette Accessories
    LV Epi Pochette Accessories small.jpg

    Black Epi Leather - Jasmin
    LV Epi Jasmin small.jpg

    Black Suhali Leather - L'Epanoui PM
    LV L'Epanoui PM small.jpg

    Mink - fur muff w/detachable strap
    LV mink fur muff small.jpg
  2. Louis Vuitton (cont'd):

    Monogram Vernis - Biscayne Bay PM
    LV Monogram Vernis Biscayne Bay PM small.jpg

    Onatah PM
    LV Onatah PM small.jpg.jpg

    Trianon Canvas - Sac de Nuit MM
    LV Trianon Sac de Nuit MM small.jpg.jpg

    Bottega Veneta:

    Bottega Veneta Campana small.jpg


    Ultimate Soft Foldover
    Chanel Ultimate Soft Foldover small.jpg.jpg
  3. Dior:

    Flight Collection Tote:
    Dior Flight Tote small.jpg.jpg

    Salvatore Ferragamo:

    Ferragamo Leather & Wood small.jpg.jpg

    Ferragamo silk fish print small.jpg


    Gucci GG fabric piston lock small.jpg

    Gucci metallic horsebit clutch small.jpg
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    That was a great collection of branded handbags.

    don't advertise in other people's showcase :sad:
  5. I love your collection, my fave would be the Suhali!
  6. wow, you have so many bags. i love the black suhali.

  7. Gorgeous bags, love the Mink and the Suhali!
  8. Love all of your LV!!!
  9. Gorgeous LVs ! Is there any particular reason why you decided against Monogram or Damier ?
  10. great collection - love your epi and chanel :smile:
  11. You've got some beautiful bags.
  12. love the epi's. so classy.
  13. Love the Sac de Nuit and L'Epanoui!
  14. Thanks!! love the orange in your post my dear . . . that's my next mission, to get an orange bag for the collection ^_^
  15. thanks girls! i know, the suhali is my favorite too . . . i couldn't *quite* afford it when i bought it, but now i'm so glad i did! i can't believe they discontinued this one now, maybe it didn't sell well? not a huge fan of the new suhali shapes, relatively speaking :shrugs: