Lvoe !!

  1. I got this today. Its a little big, i am exchanging it for a smaller size. But neways, here is a pic. What do you guys think? :heart:
  2. Oh, that's really cute.
  3. I LOVE it! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Congratulations!
  4. Yeah. I really like it. The design is kinda cute. Its off the shoulder, but its way big for me, (medium). I need to ship it back to exchange for a small. :smile:
  5. Cute!! You can always have it tailored down a bit.
  6. Love it congrats!
  7. I effing love it!!! When the model and Syntagma [Crystal] had it on at the trunk show, I fell in love! :love:

  8. I love it. I tried on the small but it was still too big on me. Congrats!
  9. GORGEOUS! I LOVE IT! sucks it doesnt fit! I hate sending things back! I just did it w/ a pair of jeans! :sad:
  10. IN LOVE WITH IT, may i ask how much?
  11. $775 I think.
  12. very cute!
  13. Cute. I love the colours.
  14. [​IMG] it's gorgeous!
  15. GORGEOUS! congrats! we need to see modeling pics!