LVOE...waited for it, searched for it, and now I found it!

  1. The mess with the LOVE2 tote and I went on these past couple of was at its lowest point when my LV didn't call me this weekend either telling me they got the ecru PM in. I got very nervous, wondering what if the one that they received (khaki MM) is the only one they'll ever get? I don't want to buy something that I don't love.

    I called 866 today, and asked them to look for the ecru PM in Canada for me. There were some in the Hotel Vancouver store, and Edmonton Holt Renfrew. Since today is Sunday, and Canada Day (HAPPY CANADA DAY TO ALL!!!) the stores open late and since there is a time difference between here and Vancouver I had to wait to call.

    So I called the Edmonton store as soon as they opened and asked if they had one available, and if there was a wait list...the SA laughed and said, "No there's no waiting list because nobody even knows about them! Even I am new to them!" There were two available and I asked her to pick the best one for me and we proceeded to organize a charge-send.

    Well, it should be on its way starting Tuesday since tomorrow is the observed holiday...and she said I should arrive on Friday so I should receive it by next week...and no shipping charges either. :yahoo: I can't wait!!!

    I really really wanted to wait for my store to receive them so I can purchase it through my SA but I couldn't wait any more. I expected them to call on the 29th but no call. I wanted to use my Holt Renfrew gift cards that I got from my RAOK buddy and my friend for my birthday but I wasn't able to use them...that's okay though because now I have the Love 2 ecru PM on its way!!

    Thanks for all opinions and support everyone...I really appreciate it!
  2. YAY! Finally! I know you've been waiting so long for this! Can't wait for you to get it and to see your awesome pics!
  3. You waited so long for this bag. I am glad you finally found one. Congrats. Can't wait to see the pics.
  4. congrats!! the wait is almost over :yahoo: happy for you!!
  5. Karman, I must admit that after seeing the LOVE 2 totes IRL I changed my opinion about the m completely, to such an extent that I'm even on the waitlist for one! :rolleyes:

    I'm so glad you're getting one! They seem very limited! Congrats!
  6. Congrats! I knew that I wasn't totally cracked out... :weird::wacko: Whew, that's a relief! I'm so glad you got your bag!
  7. I saw this thread without seeing the poster and was hoping it was you!! I am glad you are finally getting your bag!! :yahoo:
  8. YAY Karman...I can't wait to see it once you get it!
  9. Great news karman, congratulations!!!!!
  10. that's fantastic news Karman!
  11. I was still in doubt before I saw the tote IRL--I was so afraid that they in fact looked cheap! But when I saw the khaki MM...I loved the lettering, it was so beautiful! The bag did not look cheap at all and actually there were quite a few shoppers that turned around to look at it!

    Which one are you planning to get?

    jellybebe - hahah...they must've gotten it right after I called and right before you saw them, because I remember that the rep told me only Ochre GM in Vancouver!
  12. Congrats, Karman! Enjoy your new tote ;)
  13. Can't wait to see your pics.
    Glad one finally arrived after your long wait.:tup:
  14. Yay! Finally you got some confirmed news! I'm sure that is such a huge relief for you :smile: Congrats!
  15. It's about time! Congrats, Karman!