LVOE totes, are you waitlisting?

  1. So I am on the list for a violet satin LVOE tote, but I'm just not sure. It seems so expensive for something which is not that fabulous. I havent spent more than $1200 or so on a handbag before.

    So who is on the list for one, and which color? My SA told me most people here want the khaki one.
  2. i'm not waitlisted, but i would love the satin violet one. :biggrin:
  3. Not on the list...but I'm liking the khaki one.
  4. I have waitlisted for the satin violet one but might add the canvas one to the list so I can compare;) I can't wait for them to arrive:love:
  5. Im on the list for Khaki
  6. I am on the list for the satin violet. I am interested in seeing what color it really is...I also like the khaki one. I think I would get the canvas one dirty fast...
  7. Not on the list, but I lllooovvve the Khaki!
  8. Not On The List But Like The White And Violet.
  9. I was thinking about it until I saw the pictures in the book. I might end up trying to get one later on but the materials aren't really substantial enough to warrant an almost 2k price tag, IMO. I'd rather get a pomme d'amour Brentwood.
  10. They're cute.. but they seem kinda hefty price tag wise for materials. :\
  11. I'd love the khaki or violet, but for that price I think I'm passing.
  12. I'm on the list for the violet one,
    I'd also like the canvas one but can only afford to get one.:push:
  13. Not on the waitlist but the canvas and the satin khaki is quite pretty
  14. I agree. :confused1:
  15. No, too pricey and I can wear out satin in a couple of outings.