LVOE tote?

  1. Where can I get one? I saw it on Sienna Miller and thought it was cute :smile:

  2. I have no idea if its even released yet!
  3. Try calling the 866 number and have them locate one for you! : )
  4. That might explain it. haha thanks to the both of you! :smile:
  5. :yes:
  6. The bag looks fab with that coat!
  7. A few stores have them already. Try calling your local one.
  8. It's cute but the price is about $1800 though, just warning you.
  9. :wtf: thanks for the warning
  10. Lol no problem..the canvas ones run about $1800 and the satin ones are close to $1900. I was really hoping they'd be a lot less due to the materials used. :push:
  11. I saw it for sale in Taiwan already.
  12. Beautiful bag but not a beautiful price. :lol:
  13. It's beautiful but for 1800, I dunno if it's worth it. Plus I would be afraid that it would get dirty easily because it's plain canvas.
  14. ^^I agree I would like one BUT how would you clean it????
  15. in the washing machine ? :O