LVOE Tote Question

  1. Maybe this has been discussed before. If so, I apologize. Does anyone notice that the LVOE Tote on eluxury is $1720 while the most expensive one on the UK site is 420GBP (=$845). Is the one on the UK site on sale?
  2. LV doesn't go on sale...
  3. The one on the UK site is the cheaper canvas w/Miroir letter version that was produced later. The one on elux is the more expensive canvas w/beaded letters that was the runway version (the other runway one was the satin with sequin letters), that's what the difference is.
    Either way, there isn't a "sale" on the LV since as dell mentioned, LV doesn't go on sale.
  4. ^ yup what LV Babydoll said. the former is the runway LVoe tote with all the beading and the cheaper one is the LVoe2 Tote with the miroir detail.
  5. yes that's what i thought about lv not going on sale...but perhaps discontinued or something...ok thanks!