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  1. Hello, i don't often write in the LV forum, i have been more of a lurker :graucho:. but I was wondering if any of you PFers have seen the new "Love" tote. My SA offered me the purple satin as well as the canvas one; i was going to go take a look at it tomorrow, but i was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the bag? Isn't it a bit expensive for canvas/ satin? or is that just me...also, i thought they had production/quality issues with this bag. TIA! :flowers:
  2. I think they are a bit hefty for what you get BUT they are lvoely!!!
  3. have any PFers actually bought this tote? and perhaps has modeling pics? "lvoely"...that was so cute!
  4. The LVOE tote is cute, but the price sure isn't. :push:
  5. yeah I would love the canvas one :smile:
  6. These totes are so cute and look huge but so is the price tag.
  7. The price isn't right although it's really cute.
  8. I've seen all of the colors and just IMO, none of them are worth those outrageous price tags. The canvas one is just a cotton canvas with bugle beads forming the LVOE. The satin ones are VERY fragile and will get snagged easily, with the LVOE formed out of sequins. I especially don't like the violet one since they used seafoam green and orange sequins against the violet just..clashes.
    The concept is fun and all but wasn't carried out as well as I thought it would have been.
  9. I've seen it IRL, and I just can't see myself paying that much for CANVAS and a little beading! But I do think the Satin one it cuter!
  10. I have seen a few on eBay. They are not expensive and they are very cute.
  11. Get the satin one. its much cuter.
  12. I love the white tote ( still not available here of course) but think I am going to pass due to the price. I am disappointed it looks like some white canvas squares sewn together and no thought put into the inside even.:sad:
  13. just saw the fuschia/purple satin one today...SO CUTE! felt a little flimsy though, for $1700. the satin should have been thicker!
  14. I saw the white canvas one... I'm not impressed and the bead-work isn't amazing either....I think any COMMON "couturière" can do the same if not better work for that embroidery part.........