LVoe tote bag and Polka dot pochette SS07

  1. Hey i'm (STILL lol) reading my Feb. Harpers's Bazaar, this time we have.....MORE price jumps!!!! on p. 113, the white LVoe canvas tote is now 1875$ (from 1750$) and on p. 116, the polka dot pochette is 2100$ (from 1960$)

    Courtesy of Stefania
    LV.SS07.LVoetotes.jpg LV.SS07.polkadots.jpg

    PS: ooohhhh...Jimmy fallon's article p.121....kinda has bags in it! I'm so amused right now lol
  2. omg, so not worth it! Pretty, but not worth it.
  3. rather pricey I think.
  4. Lordy. And I thought $1750 was a it's even higher? ForGET it.
  5. Pretty but sooo not worth it IMHO. That price is astounding. :push:
  6. EDIT: MORE PRICE INCREASE on the LVoe SATIN bags which are now 1725$

    Button bag pochette is 4200$

    Flower headbands starting at 385$

    Hole-in-the-middle Sandals lol about 852$

  7. Hopefully I'll get my Bazaar soon!
  8. $1875?!?! That is WAY TOO MUCH for that tote. Sure its nice.. but GEEZ. :hrmm:
  9. I want the flower head bands :yes:
  10. oookay... now that kind of pricing is seriously crazy...
  11. what material are those totes? fabric????
  12. Yep, SATIN.....:wtf: So much money for SATIN, easy staining, snagging, SATIN

    Now that is something I would be AFRAID to use, and I've vowed never to be afraid to use anything I own.
  13. the more expensive one is cotton canvas, the other ones are satin
  14. wow... they look like plain totes to me, nothing special
  15. That's why none of us are really planning to buy one. It's a shame!