Lvoe stuff & Trunks & Logos Pochette

  1. I am so bad with posting pics. I finally bought a new digital camera.:yahoo:

    I love my little purchases.:tup:

    The file is too big to post can someone tell me where to go so I can post my pics please. I had the same problem last time. Thanks in advance!
  2. try photobucket that's who I use
  3. Photobucket works like a charm!
  4. Yes photobucket is my bestfriend!
  5. I love It's easy and free and has an incredibly easy to use interface.
  6. You can check the settings of your camera to take the pics at a lower resolution, then the file size should be smaller.
  7. Here's the pics...
    lvoe&trunks.jpg P6200182.jpg
  8. Glad you figured it out!! Congrats on your new purchases!!! Love them! Looks like your wish list is almost complete!!
  9. Congrats...I love ALL you purchases:heart:
  10. Its so cute!!
  11. Congrats, those are cute!!
  12. Awesome new stuff!!! Congrats.
  13. Congrats, cute pieces!
  14. so cute, congrats.