LVOE stuff (including the tote!) on Eluxury!


Designated Shopaholic
Jan 2, 2006
If anyone is interested in the $1720 canvas LVOE tote, it's on Eluxury now! I thought the item description was interesting so in case you guys didnt know already...

Louis VuittonThat's Love Canvas Tote$1,720.00
  • Cotton and linen canvas
  • The "That's Love" collection was created by Marc Jacobs, who stated you can't spell the word LOVE without the letters "LV"
  • Canvas shoulder straps
  • Hand-stitched logo takes over 20 hours and 620 gold and silver tube beads to create
  • Interior patch pocket
  • 13"x 14.5"x 4"
There's also...

LVOE Brooch

LVOE Bandeau

LVOE Mules

Jan 19, 2007
Pug City
I know it flies out of elux so fast! It must be because it is so cute! I wish it came in more colors though, the white and yellow wash me out.