LVOE shoes

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  1. Anyone know how much they are? They are not on the official LV site. :tdown: Pics would be nice too if you have a pair!
  2. Which ones, there's the pumps and the mules. The mules are in the $600 range. My SA called me and they're in stock!
  3. I just saw it in a magazine today. It's nice.
  4. me too, there amazing and so unique looking!

    It looks so classy on anyone!
  5. $685.
    Tried them on today.
  6. Anyone have a scan of the magazine? Haven't seen them.
  7. I can kind of explain them to you.
    They're canvas color, and on the front they have what looks like a bow, and then a LVOE broach looking thing on the bow.
    The bottoms are what looks like Mirrior gold.

    Hope that helps.
  8. i love these shoes! they are TDF!
  9. Oh they sound cute!
  10. Does someone have a pic? I absolutely love this collection. Would love to see the shoes!
  11. They sound gorgeous- can someone post pics pleeeeeease?
  12. Lol I'd like to see them too.
  13. pics anyone?
  14. I would love to see a photo too:heart:
  15. I'd love to see pics of these shoes too! I'm loving the LVOE theme :love:
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