LVOE Scarf!!!!

  1. LVOE scarf is soooo pretty! Just saw it on LV's website, can anyone tell me what color(s) does it come it, price and release date?:yes: many thanks!
  2. It's super cute. That's the only color (the ecru with the silver and gold letters)...I don't know the price of the scarf but I know the bandeau is around $115.
  3. It is cute - I want one and the LVOE canvas tote to put it on.:nuts:
  4. It's cute but the colors seem a little faded :s
  5. It's hella cute!
  6. It's gorgeous!
  7. i would love to get the scarf and Etoile in pink:love: ! But the reality is i have no idea what to do w/scaf besides tie it on bag.....can't use it as cape as i did when i was a kid:p
  8. It's really cute.
  9. Well it's £96, and that works out to be roughly $190
  10. i love the lvoe scarf and bandeau
  11. It's sooo cute!!
  12. I waitlisted yesterday :smile: They had no idea of release
  13. ^ mee too
  14. I called LVUK today and was told the release date was 9/2/2007 in the UK .
  15. I'll be waitlisting for that one today!
    I think they're pretty well I right?
    I want both the scarf and the bandeau!