LVOE scarf vs. bandeau or both?

  1. Hi everyone! As you can see I'm new here! I would love everyone's opinion on which one to choose..The LVOE bandeau or scarf OR both? the bandeau is already on the way to me and the scarf is on hold. Should I get both?
    Thanks soo much for your opinions/advice!:yes:
  2. I reserved both at my boutique a while back, but I chose the scarf over the bandeau cuz I already have 2 other ones. Obviously I'm biased, so I'd suggest the scarf:biggrin: It's quite nice... however, I'm gonna warn ya, I find this LVoe scarf line's silk to be REALLY stiff...
  3. Welcome to TPF! :flowers:

    I'm planning on getting the Bandeau to wear as an alternative.
    ^Cecilia has some gorgeous pictures of different ways to wear the scarf beautifully on her!:love:
  4. Thanks for your input Cecilia! I really appreciate it. I saw your pics modeling the scarf..It looks fantastic on you! Hmnnn..stiff huh? Thanks for the warning!
  5. I prefer the bandeau :yes:
  6. Oh pinki! you're always so sweet and do great advertisements for me!:shame:
  7. Thanks Pinkiwhatever!:smile:

  8. Thanks Lvbabydoll! I should be getting my package with the bandeau (and the rivet pochette :p ) tomorrow from my boutique. I'm sure I'll be happy with the bandeau. I guess I really don't have to have both the scarf and bandeau, too..LOL do I? :rolleyes:
  9. i like the bandeau better.
  10. Bandeau :love:
  11. bandeau!
  12. I am looking for a picture of the LVOE scarf and prices for both. Does anyone know? :amuse:
  13. Bandeau. Hoping to get one too.:p
  14. I say bandeau! :heart:
  15. ^^
    I agree .. I am hoping to get one too:yes: