LVoe scarf/bandeau - did anyone get this yet?

  1. I know Glamourette got the scarf already...and Pearl mentioned that she saw it in Vancouver...but I have received NO CALL from my LV yet.

    Has anyone else bought this yet??
  2. What the heck!? OMG...I hope Calgary is just slow at receiving stock because I have not received a call!
  3. I just called my LV counter and spoke with the manager, he said that the LVoe scarves are released with the Ready to Wear collection and since our counter only sells bags, it probably won't come to Calgary! :crybaby:

    He gave me an option of doing a charge-send from other stores, but I'm afraid that I'll have to pay the extra tax AND shipping, which will cost $20 more!
  4. Love your pics as always ^_^

    Yes I got mine, but it was a surprise also for the SA apparantly as it had been set for april/late march, and it was the only one they did get on that shipment. I'm sorry I'm still capable of posting pictures of it. I'm on a totally different continent though.

    (and btw, it's he!"!!!)

    No, our store does not carry clothes, and it's a part of the "scarves asseccoires etc etc" that every store carries. Perhaps there are just few "LoVe" scarves produced at all?
  5. Cecilia, Your modelling of the LVoe scarf was simply beautiful. I'm also looking for the bandeau, Karman. So hopefully some lucky pfer can also model this item for us! :smile:
  6. Karman who did you speak to? I just got off the phone with them also and my SA told me they had some new stock in the basement that they hadn't brought up yet. I was trying to get my hands on the etoile bandeau in grey and they didn't have any:crybaby: Oh well guess when I'm there on tues I'll have to get a bag instead. So there may be hope for you if there are some in that stock?
  7. Karman! I PM-ed you!

    Call the Montreal boutique NOW! if they say it's reserved, tell me, I'll get my SA to get you one;)

    Ya know what, I can call for you now...

    PS: THanks liberté and pinki:shame:
  8. I spoke with Garth, he's pretty sure they won't get any LVoe scarves in, but will call me if they do.

    I did call Banff right after to add my name to their waiting list (which did not exist before I called...yay!) so I think either way I'll get one, but it'd be nice to just pick it up from HR!
  9. wait, why does it cost 20$ more?!??!?!?! HR charges for shipping??!?! :wtf: I've ordered from banff before too which is like all the way on the other side of Canada lol (it was just a cles) and no shipping charges... in fact, i had a "tax discount" of about 30$ woohoo! lol :biggrin:

  10. CONGRATS! glamourette! :biggrin:
  11. No shipping charge for Banff to HR Calgary, but when I got my Miroir pochette from Toronto, I was charged $20 shipping, even when it was shipped to HR Calgary. No complaints though, because I wanted it so bad and was totally prepared to pay the extra 8% PST but didn't have to!
  12. The Bandeau was already sold out and I got the last Scarf. My SA told me that she don't know if there will be a second shipment. Karman I hope you get it!!!
  13. Thank you ;) :flowers: