LVoe My new shoes.

  1. Couldn't resist the new Lvoe flats, my first pair of LV shoes.:yahoo:
  2. wow looks good on you! Congrats. I actually saw this pair of shoes @ my LV store yesterday..but they only had samples from the F/W collection.....

    May i ask how much is this shoe? Do they just have this color? TIA:heart:
  3. Very cute shoes, LVoe 'em.. Congrats!
  4. They are STUNNING:heart: Look fab on you ..I LVOE them:p
  5. congrats... so cute
  6. I LOVE IT! Congrats! Fab colour and looks great on you! :love:
  7. congrats!!!
  8. Congratulations! cute shoes. They look so lovely irl too!
  9. LoVely!!!!!
  10. I love how they look on you!
  11. Wow, congrat:heart:
  12. Gorgeous!!!

    Poohbeez they come in cream too
  13. Wow, I was never a fan of these, but in black they are GORGEOUS! So much classier than the ecru ones, congrats they look beautiful on you :yahoo:
  14. very very nice slayer :smile:
  15. Lvoe them!