LVoe love charm

  1. I'm having an issue with eBay and i'm wondering if anyone that has this and bought it new from the store could show me what your tag says.

    I just sold mind and i'm having issues with the buyer, I purchased mine from Let -trade but i'm not sure if I got the right tag with it.

    thank you.
  2. I purchased mine from the store ...I just had a look and I did not receive any tags with it. I can take a photo of it if you wish.
  3. thank you that would help.
  4. All I received with it was the usual brown pouch:yes:
    IMG_4479.jpg IMG_4480.jpg
  5. ^^ Hmm, thanks
  6. I answered in the eBay area, but also, the only things I see with the ones on eBay are either Bijoux Fantasie booklets or nothing at all.
    But again, it's just a case of a wrong tag being put with the item, not grounds for a return by any means. It's just a tag.
    It's kind of funny sometimes how worked up people get about these little paper tags...either they're mad they didn't get them at all or they're mad that they got the wrong one. Sigh.
    I'd have her take it to the store, as you said, and ask about it.
  7. ^^ thanks again.. I have been searching forum threads hoping to find one with tags. But as you say its not that big a deal its a tag.

    I'm sure i'll hear back from her tomorrow and see what goes.
  8. I agree with shalomjude :yes:

    at Australia, they never included 'barcode tag' for all products as seen ebay listing (probably for USA only??) :confused1:

    they do have barcode inside bag/purses for help them to finding to processing at computer when customer purchasing and they keep its barcode never given to customer

    I do have LVOE brooch and mobile accessories,
    only I got velvet dust bag only and never bother asking about 'lil catalogue'

    I am bored that lil catologue coz all the words same about care maintenance bla bla bla :push:
  9. yah I usually don't get the barcode tags with my bags either. only occasionally when they forget to take it out, especially for items which I paid a deposit for so they have the code on my deposit receipt, heh.