LVoe for Petites Club

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    For petite ladies who like big me! :biggrin:

    I'll start off with my Delightful GM!

    I'm 5' tall, 110 lbs.
    image-1216130006.jpg image-1386410789.jpg
  2. Yaaaay, so excited to be a part of this thread!!
    Posted this yesterday in another thread, but here's me and my summer LVoe- Azur Artsy!!

  3. This is a great thread! Azur artsy is so pretty!!!
  4. aww, thanks! pls post pics of you and your LVoelies too!!

  5. have you tried the MM?
    is there a big difference in size Mm/gM?
  6. It's beautiful!!
  7. I have tried on the mm but I didn't like how it slouches. I think there is a big difference between mm and gm. The zippers on the gm is what cinched it for me. It gives the bag an edgier look.
  8. Thank you!!
  9. Great club idea! I'm 5'0" and 102 lbs., and I'm really starting to develop a love for large bags. It's kind of funny, because before my love for LV began, I tended to gravitate toward smaller bags.

    I've been moving up though, and I've had my eye on the Artsy for awhile. I'm still deciding whether or not I'll get her...but I'm really proud of myself for branching out to the Galliera PM. Honestly, even my Totally PM used to seem big to me!
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    Here's mine...I'm 5'2"with sully MM

  11. hi girl! good thread cause we can check out the bag that we love and feel so big on our small frame..and maybe convince us to buy it! :biggrin:
    here it's my pic, i'm 5' tall and 103lb

    totally azur MM:

    neverfull MM:

    lumineuse pm in ombre:

    to be continued..
  12. my alma pm:

    speedy 30:

    alma bb:
  13. you all look great! anyone with a speedy or speedy b 35? mine is arriving on July 4th and i'm worried it might be too big on my 5'0, 105 lbs frame.
  14. Those bags look great on you!! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Speedy 30

    I'm 5'
    image-2019789061.jpg image-3415238995.jpg