LVOE Cell Phone Charm -- Disappointing :(

  1. I just received my LVOE cell phone charm that I ordered by phone from Toronto (it was the only one left and I'm in BC). I was so disappointed though by the quality, especially for LV. The swarovski crystals are so cute, but they are on a hunk of plastic that feels like it could break if I just once bent it slightly. For $170 + 14% tax, it just seems so disapointing. I wish it was silver instead of plastic. Did anyone else find this?
  2. hmmm ya.... that's why I didn't buy it.... Actually, *I* personally find that most keychains-types are a rip-off.............
  3. totally agree, I sold mine!
  4. It looks cute on a leather cord around your neck. Try it that way.
  5. I loved it at first, but when I felt it I was really disappointed at how "light" it felt. I was honestly afraid to get it because it seemed very delicate.
  6. I felt the same way. I left it in the store.

  7. Yeah same here. I've looked at it a lot and think it's really cute but I'm just afraid of breaking it.
  8. I like mine but I only tie it on my clouds bag. I agree it is pretty flimsy though.
  9. Yeah, I thought it was sooo cute too and was about to buy it, but my SA discouraged me and said they break real easy. So I passed on it!
  10. I love mine!!! It looks so good on my damier hampstead, the manager at Hermes even commented on it when I was there the other day....

    with that said, I use mine only as a bag charm, I wouldn't want it banging around....but as I bag charm I have had it since it first came out...was that July??? and have not had any problems at all.
  11. ^^ I was going to do that but was worried it would get caught and break.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. The pics on the web make it look like it would be sturdier. I would hate to waste my money.
  13. Same here...I use mine as a bag charm. It does seem very delicate, so I wouldn't want it getting crushed in my bag by my wallet or camera if it were on my phone :nogood:
  14. Hope this helps.
    IMG_6213.jpg IMG_6247.jpg
  15. well... IMO, I think $170 for an LV is kinda cheap..... since it's "LV"!!!

    I don't really expect the quality from these small items since they're not leather/canvas goods.......

    Same situation as those bear pins.... I was planning to order them from my SA and she discourage me from getting those as well coz they say 80% of those charms were back to the store for warranty/repairs coz the pin thingy that is sticking onto the back of the plastic falls off.....