LVOE brooch

  1. Just saw it on the LVUk website.. so cute. Does anyone know the retail of it and the size --- are they easy to get ??
  2. it's £150 so far in the UK only the London stores have them and they may not be going to other stores.
  3. ^ really?!? aw man, i wanted it for my birthday but goin to eddie or leeds not london till the end of june.
  4. I checked on it on saturday apparently there is a good availability in London, I asked if it was limited edtion because I am thinking about going to Paris in May and I could get it there they said it was permanant. To be honest I don't believe them I think maybe it's seasonal but I don't believe permanant maybe they will come to other stores later but who knows
  5. I LOVE these! But I really want the phone charm!!
  6. That's cute, I really want one!
    So they're not coming to Canada??? *sniff*
  7. I really like this, I wish it was big so I could hang it as a bag accessory. The phone charm is nice too but my SA said it won't be released here for aaages.
  8. I love the brooch and the phone charm. Good luck, I hope you manage to get one.
  9. Why aren't Canada getting any??
  10. Awww... sorry about that Canadians! :sad:
  11. The phone charm is pretty big. I think the size is more appropriate as a bag accessory, rather than a phone charm. I saw it at the SF store this weekend. My guestimate is that it's about 1.5-2 inches tall. The brooch was larger.
  12. That's good to hear sparklyprincess. 1.5-2 inches is pretty big (I just looked at it on a ruler:p), the perfect size to show off on a bag :heart: I can't imagine wearing a even bigger brooch, it would be too huge to pin on :confused1: Since you saw it irl, which colour is better, the gold or the beige?
  13. The ones I saw were a beige/bone color. Does it come in gold too? They do have a gold LVOE jewelry charm, but that is very small.
  14. it comes in 2 colours???
  15. Hmm, well I looked on the website and the phone charm colour is described as beige but in the pic it's distinctively gold. Also the phone charm's 'beige' is totally different to the brooch which is imo definitely beige :confused1: