LVOE Brooch

  1. I'd love to know as well.
  2. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! :drool:
  3. Never saw that before! Thanks for pointing it out!
  4. I read about having small items in the LVOE collection...My SA said there is the telephone charm and a it the one they have pinned on to the patchwork bags??? The telephone one is very cute:heart:
  5. oooh i'd love to know what the retail on that will be :smile:
  6. I know the retail of the T/Charm here in Aus is A$250 so it would be cheaper o/seas.
  7. Lovely phonecharm
  8. Very cute..looks like it might snap in half though. I keep my phone in my pocket so that wouldn't be practical for me..I'll stick to my Inclusion one.
  9. ^^it looks like it is made from the same material as the clouds range so I think may be like the damier/mono teddies ..pretty hardy:yes:
  10. I actually like the phone charm more, it's more versatile (to me) than a brooch.
  11. ooh... that phone charm can also look good hanging on a bag :yes:

    me thinks me likey.
  12. ^^ that is what I am thinking too ---like hanging off a street pm;)

  13. EGGSACTLY!!!! :yes: :nuts:
  14. ^^ soon...soon:graucho: