Lvoe Bandeaus?!?! UKers Or anyone PLEASE!

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  1. Where have they all gone!
    I went down to my Lv boutique on Monday with the intention to buy a Lvoe Bandeau but when i got there all they had was the scarf
    i love the scarf and everything but my heart was set on a bandeau
    So i remembered on Lv UK there was a Buy it now option on the bandeau so i decided i would try that but when i got onto the site it had gone!
    So i don't know what to try now!
    Should i call London Lv or something?
    Will they send it to me ?
    I really want it!
    I would prefer to get it from a boutique insted of ebay or w.e
    Can anyone help me out?

  2. Call the mainline number you can do mail order with them
  3. yes I bought mine off of eluxury, but the next day they were all sold out. Call the main number and they would be happy to help you.
  4. They had some last week in the Selfridges store but a week is a long time in LV...!
  5. they are on elux sporadically....
  6. its been taken off the LV site so i think your best option would be calling LV and seeing which store had one and getting it shipped. i really wanted it but ended up getting the scarf and love it, i wear it at least once a week. i did have to check out the hermes forum for ideas on knotting it. they have a great thread called the scarf karma sutra.
  7. ^ Thanks everyone!
    I just found it on the Lv site
    It's under Love Bandeau with the picture of a red one.
    But the price says £115?!?
    I swear it said before £59?
  8. If the main # for LV can't help you, they still had some of them at Saks in NYC last night and at the 57th Street store.
  9. You sure that's the bandeau? I'm 99% sure it was £59 too
  10. Just looked and it's the silk one, not cotton that's why it's more. Are you going to get one?
  11. ^ Oh i wanted the cotton.
    I already spent abit on LV already this week but i could still get the Bandeau at £59.
    Do you know if it's still around anywhere?
    I'm abit gutted i really want it :sad:
  12. Give the branch in Selfridges a call as they don't get half as busy as the Bond Street one and you may get lucky, they had them last week when I went in
  13. ^ Thanks i will call them in the morning!
  14. As far as I know the LVOE bandeau only comes in one colour/style and it's 100%silk (would be 59 pounds as I got mine for AUD$170). Good luck on locating one.:yes:
  15. ^ Yea i thought it only came in one colour/style But i remember it was on for £59 but then i noticed it left and then when i clicked on the "LOVE BANDEAU" and clicked on Ecru it was there but it was £115 ! And i'm not paying that when the scarf is bigger and cheaper in that case!
    I'm going to call up selfridges tomorow and see if they can help clear some things up for me thanks so much i hope i find one!:smile: