LVOE Bandeau

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  1. I'll be there in July, and you know it'll be too hot to do anything other than shop during the day! I have a feeling I'll be needing one of those "brown bags" myself.
    Congrats, I love that bandeau!
  2. Oooh i Love the Lvoe bandeau on an Azur, sooo pretty, congrats!
  3. congrats ! love it with azur, very matching ! sweet look...
  4. Lovely!
    That's it! I have been deciding if i will get a LVOE bandeau for myself. After seeing yours in your Speedy Azur and seen a lot of them here, will be getting one!
  5. Really tried using in many different ways yet?
  6. Very nice!!
  7. I tried it in my hair but I can't get it tight enough and I don't want it to fly off..a little dissapointed but i'm cutting my hair off anyways (its halfway down my back) to just above my shoulders so I don't know if it will look right with shorter hair anyways.. I don't know how else to wear it. Any suggestions anyone??
  8. Congrats on your bandeau! Wow I didn't realize Vegas has 5 LV's!! I'm going to Vegas next week, I can't wait to go shopping out there...
  9. Cute!
  10. i just love the LVoe bandeau! I tried to get one yesterday but they were all sold out! It just looks amazing with the azur!
  11. Lvoes it!
  12. Very nice, congrats!
  13. Five boutiques in Vegas??? Wow.
    Congrats on your purchase, it looks great with Azur.
  14. so cute..congrats!
  15. Fell in LVOE with the bandeau so i got it yesterday and gave it a test today.

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