1. Is anyone going to get the LVoe bag? I really like it, but, my husband thinks that it is too pricey for canvas!
  2. I too think it's too pricey for canvas
  3. No, it's too expensive for what it is! Even my SA AGREES!

    FYI:That one is fake
  4. Yeah its WAAAAY over priced!

    too bad that one is FAKE!
  5. too pricey for canvas w/some stichings....
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  7. I love love love the concept, but I think the non-satin one looked cheap. :crybaby:
  8. No I think it's way too expesive...if it were cheaper I would definetly get it because it's cute.
  9. I'm waiting (very impatiently) for it coming in. I love it but I'm still in 2 minds to get it or not. I'm concerned that the satin would be too easily damaged and a bit disappointed that the bag is not lined or has no closure i.e zip or clip. But I'm waiting until I see it to make up my final decision
  10. I have to agree with most people that it's overpriced for a canvas bag.
  11. Too expensive for what it is. I wish they would make LoVe in others e.g. cles, pochette etc
  12. I think it's too pricey! I saw it IRL and i would be scared that the beading would fall off also!
  13. It's way overprice for what it is...
  14. Don't know if I want to spend that much on plain canvas either. I don't know if I could relax about getting it dirty.
  15. ^^I agree ....I adore the concept behind it:heart: