LVoe and Sweetflowers Bandeus

  1. Hello fellow tpfers,
    I got the sweetflower bandeau over the weekend but wasn't able to share.I have also included the Lvoe Bandeau that i bought a while ago.I also cheated on lv and finally got my first chanel.
  2. they are cute congrats! but im not so happy of you cheating on LV:nogood:
  3. congrats!! I cheated on lv and got my chanel not too long ago as well..but my true love will always be LV :heart:
  4. Congrats!!! They are both hella cute bandeaus. :tup:
  5. ooo too pretty i like =)
  6. Congrats! I have the same 2 bandeaus and they are gorgeous in person :tender:
  7. Congrats, I love them! And congrats on your new Chanel as well!
  8. I love both bandeaux...the sweet flowers is too cute!
  9. Congrats!!
  10. i have the Lvoe bandeau, I wear it a lot. I want the sweet flowers in pink.
  11. I love those bandeaus - both so pretty.:nuts:
  12. both so cute, congrats.
  13. lvoe both! congrats!
  14. Lovely bandeaus! They are both delightful :smile:
  15. Love your bandeaus- congrats!