LVOE 2 tote price ???

  1. I really like those khaki bags in Ecru can you guys please tell me the price ? Thank you !!!
  2. Which size? PM?
  3. eeek. i really really need the pricings too! i might get one!
  4. They've been posted in a couple threads but here they are again
    PM $570
    MM $675
    GM $855
  5. $570 for PM, $675 for MM, $855 for GM
  6. ^^ LOL jen we posted at the same time!!!!
  7. hahaha we did huh?! great minds think alike :nuts:

    any news on your LVOE totes yet?
  8. Hawaiian prices:
    PM $530
    MM $630
    GM $800
  9. Nope...I contacted and they said:
    "Due to different customs and shipping times to Canada versus the United States, the actual dates of availability may differ. I regret that specific dates of arrival are not known."
    So I am still waiting! This doesn't seem to be super limited so I'm pretty sure my store will get one...but it's hard to wait patiently, especially when my SA isn't even sure when they're supposed to come in (and their next stock shipment is supposed to be the 29th)
  10. what r the canadian prices? i there a zipper at the stop? is it water/snow proof? i'm looking for a big bag for school n fit my artbooks
  11. ^^
    Canadian prices posted in a couple threads also...
    PM $615
    MM $725
    GM $920
    No zipper, the material is canvas so it's not waterproof.
  12. As allways you were a huge help, Thanks everybody !!!