LVOE 2 tote in MM size.... GM?

  1. Hey everybody- I can't find any modeling pics of this bag----err, these bags... anybody got them? How about in Ochre? TIA!!
  2. :shrugs:

  3. GM is really big. I don't own them but have tried them on in the shop. The size is about the same of the neverfulls.

    (lvoe tote MM like neverfull MM with the sides tucked in - vertical shaped)
    (lvoe tote GM like neverfull GM with the sides out - horizontal shaped)

    I hope this makes sense and I remembered it right :shrugs:
  4. I don't have them but really like the look of the MM size, the GM looks a little unstructured and baggy for me personally.
    They are lovely bags though!:tup:
  5. here's my quickie modeling shot for you. sorry it's like 92 degrees here and my a/c broke so i'm quite casual and didn't want to change. the MM tote is a really great size as i think the GM is way too out of proportion.

    btw, i'm a pretty big girl even though i'm 5'0" so i think the straps will fit most people. the straps on the GM is better for me but the bag size is too wacky. the MM is perfect!

    please excuse the dirty mirrors as well.


  6. ^-- NICE - thank you very very very very MUCH!!!!!
  7. I like the MM, too.