LVOE 2 question ???

  1. Ladies and gents do you know if those are LE and if so how long will they be around for. I really like this tote and the price is great, any info would be much appreciated !
  2. Yes it's LE and judging its popularity, they will probably be around for awhile, until they sell out (I assume production for these have already stopped)
  3. Thank you Karman.
  4. i just picked one up today! and although there are a few available in my store, not all the colors are there for you to choose from i noticed. so if you are planning to get it.....go for it!! :biggrin: it is FAB! and honestly i think i was influenced by karman's zeal for this bag that i started noticing it. hee hee. ;)
  5. So are we saying...that you were enabled by me?! :nuts:
  6. i think they'll be around for awhile.. the colors are kinda meh so i doubt they'll sell out quickly.. (no offense to anyone who likes them btw)
  7. yup! sure was! :tup: after reading about all your entries on it, the more i looked at it, the nicer it became. i ended up w/ the khaki mm! thanks for enabling karman!