LVMH to reopen Samaritaine in 2011, focus on 'lifestyle' offerings

  1. Very interesting, thanks for sharing! It would be such a shame if this historic place never would be reopened. The buildings are beautiful and really interesting if you're in to architecture. I'm so glad they have decided to make something special out of them.
  2. Does this mean LV will ventre into 'lifestyle' pieces or that the LVMH group will expand their brands to include luxury interior brands
  3. How cool.
  4. they closed it because it was dangerous, some screw felt from the top
  5. Oh I thought it was closed because of how it was extremely not up to fire safety code. I remember seeing it when I was in Paris, and the tour guide said how it was said that no one knew when it would reopen - I guess I'm going to aim to be in Paris after 2011 ! :biggrin:
  6. Ohh this is such great news! But the thing is, the way the French work, it could be a decade before it is really opened... (think L'Orangerie)