LVMH to buy Ford's Aston Martin brand...


    LVMH to buy Ford's Aston Martin brand, German weekly to report

    FRANKFURT (MarketWatch) -- French luxury-goods company LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA (12101.FR) is set to buy Ford Motor Co.'s (F) Aston Martin brand, German weekly Autobild will report Friday without citing its sources.
    The U.S. automaker will retain a 15% stake in the European luxury brand, which is part of Ford's Premium Automotive Group, the report said. The report didn't elaborate on any financial details.
    Premium Automotive Group spokesman John Gardiner told Dow Jones Newswires the process to sell Aston Martin "is ongoing". LVMH declined to comment.
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  2. my dream car is an aston martin db9 or vanquish!!! what a great coupling: lv and am!!
  3. Interesting....I wish I had stock in that!
  4. aston with a suhali interior, perhaps? :drool:
  5. how about a pomme d'amour colored aston!!!
  6. :nuts: SUHALI!!! lol
  7. i'd love black Tobago leather seats with aubergine Mongram Vienna quilting details :drool:
  8. It does seem a much better fit, Aston Martin with LVMH, than with Ford.
  9. Me too...LVMH would be a good stock to invest in, if you had the money.
  10. oh, how perfect. if LV was going to be a car, it would be astin martin.
  11. OH i :heart: the aston martin in the bond movie :yes: sexy car! i hope they make special edition versions where the interior is nice LV leather. i think coach made one with mercury? i forgot but it was a while ago. they threw in free luggage with the car haha!
  12. I don't have any money!!! I've spent it all on purses!:nuts:
  13. Coach collaborated with Lexus for the LS (1995), the ES (2001, I believe) and the RX (2002) Nautica did work with Mercury though.
  14. Lest we forget, Ford also owns:

    -Land Rover
  15. ohohoh......DB9 is nice!