LVMH sues Carrefour for selling fake Vuitton handbags in Shanghai

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  1. Finally, someone did something to protect all the consumers.
  2. Oh interesting, but it's against large companies, will this deter smaller retailers ?

  3. I Hope So
  4. Whoa that store's got balls! (pardon the expression)
  5. LVMH is only seeking $82,000 only???!!! :blink:

    That's less than what ebay's fake LV auction in 1 day!!!
    8 out of 10 LV auctions in ebay are all fakes! How come they never do anything about it? I saw few ppl who sell fakes up to $1300 each.
    I tired to report to ebay, but it never work...they never take the auction down, they said they cannot do anything about it since the seller claim that the bag was real (but I m 100% sure it's a fake!). I reported tons of anution before but I think only 2 or 3 was taking I quit. What do you guys think about it? :mad: did anyone report to ebay before?
  6. Wow... for all those who aren't from Asia.. Carrefour is a big grocery that sells everything... kinda like Superwalmart. The funny thing abt this is that Carrefour is a FRENCH company... usually run by French executives that have been posted overseas to manage the stores...
  7. Wow!! It's great to see that some people do acctually get caught conterfiting. Maybe they'll get them one at a time!!
  8. Surprised Carrefour, being such a giant in hypermarkets, would do something so stupid as such!
  9. And people were so stupid to buy a fake one all this while......
    1st time I've heard carrefour doing such disgusting stuff!!!!!
  10. Any company or individual selling counterfeit LVs should be set upon by authentic LV lovers and beat about the head with the horrid fakes!
  11. pheww... finally, LVMH takes some actions. Hopefully, there will be more lawsuits to come.... Gotta fight this countefeit bags war.
  12. good! Slowly those fakers will be stopped!
  13. if you think about it, it's not the US$ they want, and if you look, 50 yuan is a lot, but it's only $6.20 USD.. so for suing them for 610,000 yuan, it's still a lot considering how "cheap" their products are. so "only" $82,000 USD is a lot to the company.. that may be the total value of the company and it's inventory.
  14. This is so ironical. Yeah, I know the carrefour supermarkets. They are a large FRENCH conglomerate :nuts: .