LVMH sue Britney

  1. As if she isn't in enough trouble already!!
  2. Well at least she's not being held personally responsible!
    You would think that those big wigs would know better
  3. Sounds like the big guys are going to take the fall

    "The tribunal ruled that responsibility for the unauthorised use of the Louis Vuitton brand lay with Sony BMG and its subsidiary Zomba as well as MTV Online, and not the singer herself."

    I doubt that she even knows where she is most of the time, much less what kind of fabric the car is upholstered with in her video.

    I hope she gets some help soon.
  4. what video is that for i wonder??
  5. ^^shopalot that baby ticker is SUPER cute! congrats!
  6. I think the video was Do Somethin' where she had the pink Cherry Blossom interior.
  7. ' Do somethin' can see it on youtube
  8. omg i just saw this in its hilarious...... im dying to see the video
  9. OMG someone should sue her for that awful video and song LOLOL
  10. lol. i wonder if she knows how indecent she's become....
  11. this is just adding publicity to the video and single :rolleyes: but im totally against fakes and the car seat is definitely fake, so :woohoo:
  12. this video is waaay before she fell off her rocker lol
  13. OOooo oops! At least it's not Brit Brit in trouble this time. OT, if I girate around like she does do you think I can get those abs? Damn! :p