LVMH info...know anything about it?

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  1. So i decided to do LVMH for an accouting project and for some reason i cant find the report!!! Are they no longer a public company???

    AHHHH im going crazy here! HELP!

    I NEED to find their recent annual financial statements, notes and FULL audit report!

    The website only has partial stuff....WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO??

    any savvy TPFers out there that can help this poor mba student out? :crybaby:

  2. I have no idea, but ill bump it.
    Maybe they cant give out information like that? only guess.
  3. If they are based in France, are the reporting requirements different?
  4. I did Volvo for one of my projects years ago and they used foreign reporting methods but it was still do-able.
    I'd think LVMH's would be available somewhere. Place some calls and email them thru their site. Volvo facilitated me doing my project by mailing me a bunch of stuff. I had just purchased my car from them then. Seems like LVMH would do the same if you emphasize you are an appreciative customer. Good luck!
  5. thanks...ill def try that!!!
    man this sucks i thought it would be so much fun...but who knew how hard it would be to find BASIC info!!!

    ahhhhhhhhh im pulling my hair out!!!
  6. Funny, I was looking up the company today for different reasons (I was curious how the other divisions were performing). It's on You can also find data on They are listed as an ADR in the US, trading under the ticker LVMHF. Feel free to e-mail me off-line if you need more info.
    (This posting is not a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell a security and should not be construed as such.)
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