Lvlu Mod Scam?

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  1. I didn't know quite where to post this.

    **please do not post links to other blopgs/websites.
    Also, this isn't really an appropriate thread for tPF, we don't prefer to see threads that could become slanderous, gosippy or anything like that.
  2. hmm, I dont get how she was "scamming or ripping people off" she never recieved the merchandise. She simply stopped making payments on the items. So has she been given back the amount she has thus far paid? I dont get from reading the post, how she scammed people for thousands. She didnt just keep things and not pay. She didnt get them at all and stopped making payments. how is this scamming people for thousands?

    ETA: I DONT know this person named Lisa, Im not apart of LVLU, Im just stating my own opinion based soley on the info that was on that link
  3. I don't see how she scammed others either???
  4. What is LVLU? From what I gather, it seems the person they are talking about is saying that the buyer agreed to buy a Chloe bag and agreed to make installments over a set amount of time. The person only paid a portion of the amount. Which would mean that the seller was left hold the bag (no pun intended) and they couldn't sell it to someone else because they were waitingfor the buyer to finish paying. It seems that the buyer didn't complete the transaction. In other words, a deadbeat buyer. It also seems this person has done it to several people with very expensive purses and makes excuses for not paying. At least, that is what I got out of it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.