LVLU Group.. What is it?

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  1. I noticed this was mentioned in another thread.. What does it stand for and what is it?
  2. Louis Vuitton Lovers United
    They have MSN Group called that and you have to "apply" and they decide wether to accept you or not! Whatever!!!
  3. ^^^Sorry, I am just bitter because they told me NO and I really needed an outlet where I can talk to people about my crazy bag obsession!!! Well, I found it in this forum and couldn't be happier!!!:biggrin:
  4. Haha, it's okay, I got the big reject too. But this forum is far better anyways. ;)
  5. thanks for the info!
  6. That's the same with ALVA! YOu need to have certain so many authentic bags sold on ebay, referrals goodness! Its just a forum?! I can understand they want to keep fakes away, but wouldn't that be obvious for them to see anyways? I never knew an internet forum membership could ever be so "exclusive" *shrugs*
  7. Ditto what everyone else said. It's a pretty helpful and nice group (reminds me of purseforum =>) but recently there has been an insane amount of drama and it's finally dying down.

    The members of LVLU are very knowledgable and have been collecting for quite awhile and a lot of the members know stuff way early before the information is known/given to the public.

    The application process has become sticter due to some trolls in the past but if you have a good ebay history (ie tendency to buy and sell LV) or if you have a current member vouch for you, you should be accepted.
  8. blushing I love your signature!! hahaha! how cute!
  9. LVLU membership sounds stupid. If it's just a forum to discuss bags I don't see why you need to sell and buy on eBay to be accepted.

    Anyhows, I get all the info I need from here anyways. ;)
  10. Amen!!!
  11. We are about to make all of you apply to actually be real members of this forum...

    JUST KIDDING!! :lol:
  12. The membership is required because LVLU is trying to develope a status/reputation that is like ALVA, the members of LVLU get special "images" that certify that they agree to the terms of LVLU and if they are caught selling fakes, they're gone and get their membership revoked.

    I guess the point I'm trying to make is that LVLU is trying is to provide more trustworthy sellers of LV on ebay.
  13. you got me! eyes went wider for a second!
  14. I got rejected too, I wasn't happy :suspiciou

    I'm glad we have this place :love:
  15. What's the basis of their rejection? They sound super lame. Either women who couldn't get in sororities and now are being mean adults OR they loved sorority life so much that they're putting it into effect as adults. (I don't mean to offend anyone who was/is in a sorority--but I hope you get what I mean....)