LVLH Club: Louis Vuitton Lovers Of Hawaii!

  1. This thread is dedicated to the LV enthusiasts who are lucky enough to live in Hawaii or LV purchases made in Hawaii! I'm in the latter category here, since I don't actually live in Hawaii but I do visit the islands yearly and order all of my LV's from the Lahaina boutique :p .
  2. yay count me in! :smile:
  3. Count me in!! I'm in the 2nd category too. I love hawaii and visit at least once a year.
  4. Count me in!!! Was able to purchase a wallet on Waikiki and the Hudson in Ala Moana last year!
  5. Ah yes... "Didi" was purchased at the Ala Moana boutique.. and I have yet to step into the Wailea & Kaanapali stores... I'm afraid that buying from the "home stores" would make feeding the LV bug too easy!!
  6. don't be afraid of going to wailea, junkenpo! actually i'm on the verge of embarassment since i've been there 3 times and haven't purchased anything on those visits.
  7. Wow, love the thread. Happy to say I receieved a thank you note in the mail from lovely SA Janna at Ala Moana. Please see her if you are able to shop there. She is a HUGE fan of TPF shoppers.

    I haven't been in to see her since the TPF meet which is the longest I've ever not been in the store (3 weeks). Gotta go visit her on Friday!
  8. Oooh...Hawaii shopping is the best! My only thank you cards were from the Ala Moana & the Kalakaua Stores. I purchased my Damier Speedy from Ala Moana and my Popincourt Haut from Ala Moana.
  9. I live in Hawaii for 2.5 years. I lived in the town of Kailua on the Windward side of Oahu. (I still remember my old street adress.) Anyway, Michelle Pfeifer was my neighbour! Yeah crazy. I sure do miss it. I lived on what has been called the best beach in the world (lanikai beach) If you ever get a chance to visit GO THERE!!! Its so much better than Waikiki and Honolulu. It's calm and less touristy and has soft sandy beaches.

    ABOUT LV!!!
    Hawaii is an LV mecca for tourists (mostly asian and european). A huge majority od Hawaiin LV sas speak Japanese or at least some foreign language. At the aiport its like an LV show room. People of all ages with new old and LV in shopping bags. Its this way for nearly every high end brand in hawaii. Chanel, Rolex, and esp GUCCI.
  10. so true- most Hawaiian SAs barely speak comprehensible english! :p Friendly and nice, but hard to understand!
  11. that's why i found it so shocking that my old SA and my new SA are local girls with perfect english :smile:
  12. I love Lanikai beach. Don't get there often enough. If you ever are at the Ala Moana store, ask for Janna and mention TPF. She's awesome....and is an english speaker.
  13. FYI:

    If you purchase an LV piece in Hawaii and you like heatstamping... ask for the HAWAII heatstamp.... it's a flower (hibiscus, I think) with HAWAII stamped underneath... :flowers:

    It's supercute & not very big... !

    I just bought a damier koala agenda and had it stamped inside... lol... sorry, no pics till Tuesday night from me... maybe someone else will oblige?
  14. ^^I actually saw the one you're talking about in the case when I went this past weekend. Cute. I have to bring somethings in to get my initials stamped.
  15. WHAAA?!?!? :nuts: I'll have to do this the next time I'm there! Definitely post pics here when you get it done!