LVLady99 and Customs

  1. So, I tracked my ink day today and it is being held in US customs. How much in customs did you guys have to pay when you purchased a bag from LVLady99? Did your bag make it to you in good condition. I'm really nervous they are going to mess up the bag. :sad:
  2. Hey

    I recently purchased from her...

    Mine made it through customs, so I cant speak of that in particular...

    She marked the value quite low, and as a second hand bag.

    The bag was packed very well and was in new condition as advertised...

    Hope you dont have to pay too much :sad:

    Good luck!
  3. I've bought from her twice and never had any customs problems. Let us know how it turns out!
  4. Ouch! Hope it makes it thru without a huge fee!
  5. i've also bought from her and the bag arrived very quickly and exactly as described. sorry to hear about your troubles, it sounds unusual for her...
  6. I hate customs. I seriously hate them.
  7. I've bought 3 times from LVLady99 and none of my stuff was ever held at Customs. Good Luck!
  8. LvLady ROCKS :heart:
  9. I bought a bag from her and didn't have any problems with customs.
  10. LVlady always has a great selection of handbags. Customs does suck. I hope you don't have to pay any fees.
  11. As long as she mark the item "GIFT" it is okay... they can not make you pay duty tax on that... and also as long as the item is authentic.. which we all know is... so I think it should not be a problem..
    They are probably checking to make sure it is not a replica..
  12. So sorry to hear that. Hope your bag makes it home safely.
  13. I have bought from her and the bag arrived very quickly and was not held up in customs. I would like to mention that I was very disappointed in the condition of the bag when it arrived :sad::sad::sad:, but she accepted my return without any problems and refunded all my money including postage!!
    It is sellers like lvlady99 who can make eBay a wonderful place to buy.
    She is the best.
  14. Good luck with your bag going through Customs, impasto! Hope your Bbag gets to you in plenty of time and completely unscathed...
  15. i purchased from her a month ago and had no problems with customs. i didn't have to pay anything extra. it took about 5 days to arrive. it was packaged very well and the bag was in great condition. but i have in the past gotten a bag i purchased from london held in customs before. i think, i paid about $150 in customs (but it all depends on how much the bag was declared). it was held for about 2 weeks. it was a pain! good luck to you!