Lvlady on a roll! gorgeous Teal messanger with silver hardware!

  1. :love:

    I didn't know they even made these in this color.... Does anyone know if the strap is long enough to wear this messanger style, by the way??
  2. Hi! I can't see the there supposed to be a link here?? Thx!
  3. I think it's gone! Just checked her auction items, it was there five minutes ago and it was gorgeous. It's not showing up anymore....
  4. Waaaaah!! Waaaah! :cry: :cry:
  5. Man, that was gorgeous. I would have grabbed it if I had seen it! Congrats to the buyer!
  6. That is one gorgeous bag. Congratulations to the lucky buyer. You definitely have to be fast around here when there's a BIN.;)
  7. It is actually '03 blue. And I bought it. I am very excited. Thanks!
  8. oh, Chi, Congratulations! I love everything about it!!!
  9. oo congrats chi!

    my mouth dropped to the floor when i saw this! youre soo lucky! they need to make a jealous smiley :p
  10. Congrats Chigirl, it's gorgeous! my hand is still numb from being slapped when I saw the auction :p Please post pics when she arrives!!
  11. Chi! I'm soo happy you got this! :love: Now we can be bag twins!!!! :graucho: ;) hehe.
  12. Congrats Chi!!!
    So gorgeous!
    Cant wait to see your pics!
  13. thats is STUNNING!! congrats chigirl!!
  14. Congrats!!