~*LVChanelLISA's *JACKPOT* Birthday Birkin Reveal~!*~


Hi Everyone! I shall begin by explaining the title of my reveal. Since I was a little girl, my mom has always come up with a theme for my birthday each year. Some of my most memorable birthdays had the following themes: Snow White, Cinderella, 50's rock & roll with poodle skirts & all, *NSYNC, and I even had a Britney Spears themed birthday party when I was 12. My mom has always gone above and beyond to make my day all the more special.

Last year, my mom dubbed my birthday "the golden year" as I turned 26 on the 26th of April. I was sure that the fun would then end, I mean how can one possibly top their golden birthday?

Well, that is where my birthday theme this year came into play. I was not really all that excited about my birthday this year because I assumed nothing could top my birthday reveals on the purse forum from last year (in the Chanel & LV forums). However, my mom just blew me away this year in more ways then one.

My favorite place to visit is Las Vegas. I love the hotels, shows, shopping, & fine dinning. In fact, I am so partial to the city of Las Vegas, that my basement is decorated with Las Vegas memorabilia including 3 real & working slot machines. [emoji620][emoji620][emoji620][emoji620][emoji620][emoji620][emoji620]

My mom decided the theme for my birthday this year, would be coined from a slot machine/ Las Vegas concept: hitting the JACKPOT! It all began with her planning a surprise trip to Vegas for the two of us (coming up in the next few months) which includes tickets to the Backstreet Boys with a meet & greet, Jennifer Lopez, Wayne Newton, Donny & Marie, and Chicago & the Doobie Brothers. I was stunned that she kept it under wraps and set everything up for us! I figured that would cover my entire Birthday present! [emoji456][emoji456][emoji456][emoji456][emoji456][emoji456][emoji456][emoji456][emoji456]

My mom inquired with our SA to see if a bag would be available in time for my birthday. Our SA notified us a Kelly was available. It just wasn't the one for me. I think in my early journey to obtaining my ideal Hermes collection, I really am just Birkin girl right now.

I was beyond excited about my fabulous Vegas vacation. But, it would have been the first birthday I had since the age of 14 that a purse wasn't a part of. As a bag lover and collector, I was disappointed. My purse collection that has been going strong since I was 14 is part of who I am. Naturally, I went to sleep that evening secretly dreaming that a Birkin would find its way to me for my birthday. I'm sure many of you can relate that Hermes dreams at night are surely a normal occurrence when you have an orange box on your mind.[emoji521] [emoji521][emoji521][emoji521][emoji521][emoji521][emoji521][emoji521][emoji521][emoji521][emoji521][emoji521][emoji521]

The next day I was ironically playing one of my slot machines as the phone rang. I was contacted by my SA asking us to come back to the store for a very special bag.

I have miss Etoupe present to help me open my boxes!

Is anyone around to join me for an 18 [emoji521] box reveal?




I think the best place to begin is by opening my personal Jackpot as she is the star of this show!


As the shrink wrap was removed from the box I got chills. I was literally waiting on baited breath as the strings of the dust bag were untied and my personal Hermes JACKPOT was revealed to me!


It was almost as if my SA could read my mind and knew in my wildest dreams this VERY SPECIFIC & SPECIAL bag would become mine for my birthday. Here are a few shots to recreate my shock upon
opening it!




To begin my "JACKPOT" birthday celebration let me present to my lovely & supportive friends on TPF my VERSO Birkin 30 palladium hardware Togo Blue Zanzibar exterior with Malachite interior!!!

I don't think I can even put into words the way this bag makes me feel. I absolutely adore it in every way possible! I literally hit the Hermes Jackpot in time for my birthday!


My Sweet Angel
Dec 18, 2005
Wow, what an amazing B!! Zanzibar is such a gorgeous blue, made even lovelier with the Malachite interior. Happy Birthday!


Here is a group shot of my birthday goodies! Thank you all for joining me in my birthday celebration. It is so wonderful to share my passion for Hermes with all of you!

I will leave you with my new Blue Zanzibar & Malachite Birkin playing one of my slot machines!






Feb 9, 2013
Great State of Texas
Happy happy birthday!!!!! Now this is how you do a reveal! Your mom is so thoughtful and you're a,very lucky girl. I hope you're going to spoil mom appropriately tomorrow. Vegas is my favorite city to visit in the US too. Have a blast on your upcoming trip and enjoy everything in good health.


Counting My Blessings 1 Birkin At A Time ;)
Nov 26, 2009
Birkin Bliss
HOLY HERMOSES!!!! What a HAULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! That bag is a stunner and with the matching CDC... YOU'RE ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love all the twillies and rodeos! Girl you had one HELLUVA BDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Happy happy joy joy!!!!!!!!!!!!
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