LVChanelLISA's first CL reveal!

  1. Congrats these are so cute and fun!
  2. Those are really cool! Congrats!
  3. These are really cute, I was hoping someone would get them & do mod pics!!

    Would love to see them on!:graucho:
  4. Thanks so much! :smile:

    Mod pics are coming in the next couple of days! I will be sure to post them! :smile:

    Mod pics are coming soon! :smile:

    Thank you! I am crazy about them!! In the next couple of days I will get mod pics posted!:smile:

    Thanks so much! I will get mod pics up in the next couple of days :smile:

    They are super FUN! :smile:

    Thanks so much!:smile:

    They definitely make me smile!!:smile:

    Thank you! I'm really happy with them!

    Thanks! I'll be posting mod pics soon! :smile:

  5. Those are very pretty! Congrats!
  6. These are fun, congrats!
  7. What a fun pair ;) Can't wait to see the mod pics!
  8. mod mod mod mod mod :panic::panic:
  9. I really love the look of these fun! I hope you post some mod shots!
  10. Ooooo, I LOVE these!!! :nuts: If I had found them on sale, I would have snatched them up! :biggrin: Congrats!!!
  11. Please, oh please post a mod pic!
  12. Would love mod pictures!
  13. What a fun first pair! Welcome to your newest addiction :biggrin: