*~*LVChanelLISA's FAST & FURIOUS Razzmatazz Race To The Finish Reveal!*~*


I want to give a little background on myself and why this collection really struck me.

My favorite LV collection of all time was the Stephen sprouse grafitti and roses pieces. LV has not produced anything in the realm of that collection since its release quite a few years ago.

The "Race" collection for Cruise this year is very different from the Stephen Sprouse collection. However, it is a little reminiscent of the grafitti collection with the word "Vuitton" written in all its glory on each piece.

For whatever reason, I was late to "the race" so to speak. I will explain why. I was placed on the reserve list fairly early on, but my SA was then out of the store for a while. I have worked with the same person for 10+ years and only buy & reserve with them.

Well, time got away from me and by the time my SA returned to work from their hiatus, it was looking really really dismal whether I would be able to get any pieces at all from this collection.

My SA told me to narrow down my list and focus on just one bag that I could not live without. My number one choice from this collection was different from most that were seeking out the racer bags.

The alma is my favorite style from LV and I needed the Racer Alma PM in my collection. Somehow my SA worked their magic and was able to secure one for me. Naturally I was ecstatic!!!

I am not sure if this piece has previously been revealed on the purse forum, so I have some photos showing the back & bottom details as well for reference. :smile:





I was so in LVOE with the Alma PM from this collection that I ended up in my own literal "Fast & Furious Race to the finish!" The length of the reserve list for the entire racer collection was astronomical. I still think LV should have produced this collection in a larger quantity since it is still in such high demand.

I talked with my SA and explained that I was thrilled with my Alma PM, but I wanted more from this collection. Perhaps I should rephrase: I NEEDED more from this collection.

My SA knows me extremely well and understands that when I love a collection, I literally want every piece I can get my hands on. Needless to say, I decided that I really really loved this collection. So, that will explain my "race" to acquire all of the pieces that I originally wanted from this collection.

That is where the next small leather goods play a role.

Here is the Racer Strap that goes beautifully with the Alma PM. One side of the strap is definitely "Racer Themed". The other side is the black/blue monogram. (I really wish LV would produce more pieces in the Black/Blue Mono)



Here are both Racer toiletry pouches. They are very different, which in person was surprising!






Next, we have the Racer Petite Malle keychain/Bag Charm!


Finally, we have the Racer Zippy Wallet!



After all of these goodies came home with me, I was still dreaming of another bag from this collection: specifically the Neverfull MM.

My SA said they would work on it but, not to get my hopes up. I resided in myself that it was not going to happen and I should be happy with the pieces I was able to add to my collection.

A few weeks had passed and I moved onto some other purchases at LV which I will reveal shortly.

You can imagine my shock when out of the blue my SA let me know that a Racer Neverfull would be coming home with me!!!!!

Here is my racer Neverfull MM!!