lv_shopaholic's collection

  1. finally posted my collection. sorry for the mess. i took this inside the walk-in closet as my husband would think im :nuts:, taking photos of my bags. i have other collections as well. ralph lauren in guncheck pattern (discontinued), kate spade, burberry, prada, benetton, and gucci. but that will be for another day. taking a group pic is a lot of work!
  2. Very nice collection!! thanks for sharing!!!
  3. Lovely noe!
  4. Very nice. Do you have a bigger pic? You know we love to see all the details here! :p
  5. Ditto! But great collection from what I can see.:yes:
  6. collection!
  7. omg!
  8. Great collection from what I can see
  9. would love to see a bigger picture of ur LVs! looks nice from what i see... :yes:
  10. Very nice!
  11. Very nice... can't wait to see a bigger pic!
  12. [​IMG]
    sorry, i didnt realize it was that small. firefox shows a big pic, at least on my end. i tried opening it with ie and saw that it was too darn small. so here it is again.
  13. I can see ur a Mono girl!! great LV collection, I am so in luv with it!
  14. love all of the mono!!!!!
  15. wow very nice collection:nuts: