lv_obsessed's babies!!!

  1. Here they are:

    1st pic: All my bubs together

    2nd pic: My speedy 25 - first LV from the boutique...very special
    3rd pic: Malibu Street in framboise...:love:

    4th pic: cerises I can finally stop whinging about not owning anything from the cerises line

    5th pic: Fushia perfo pochette which arrived today!!!:tender:

    More to come I'm sure!!!
    my babies.JPG speedy 25.JPG me and malibu.JPG cerisescles1.JPG pochette1.JPG
  2. :tender:BEAUTIFUL collection!!! You've got some very nice pieces there!!!:love:
  3. Very nice touch to the speedy! love it!
  4. Nice collection. Congrats on your new addition.
  5. Lovely collection! I take it you like pink -cherries, framboise, &fuschia. :smile:
  6. Nice collection! I really love the speedy with the bow you put on it.. it gives it a little something extra ;)
  7. Gorgeous collection...thanks for sharing with us! :yes:
  8. GORGEOUS! I love every single piece!:heart:
  9. Very nice collection. The Malibu Street is so pretty in the framboise.:tender:
  10. :love: :love: :love: really nice collection you got there! Thanks for sharing:flowers:
  11. I definately smell an obsession coming with you :lol: . LV addiction is incurable beleive me. If you don't, check out the showcase and the many LV bags posted. :P

    Thanks for sharing!
  12. Love your Fushia perfo pochette
    I have the Cles in orange and I would love to add this one to my collection!
  13. very very cute... i love the ribbons on the bags... what a nice touch... :tender:
  14. Beautiful! Your Framboise Malibu Street is too pretty.
  15. I love the Malibu Street!!:love: