LV_Addict was RIGHT!!!!!

  1. Ladies,

    My sister bought a MM Looping bag from Authentic LV Lady on Ebay. It's in great condition but the handle was dirty.

    So, she decided it's too small for her and I think I might buy it from her.

    I took out a pack of baby wipes and cleaned the handle with them. I used up one baby wipe, then another.

    It is not completely dry yet....but OMG!!! It is looking 75% cleaner and brighter and better than it just looked like 15 min. ago!!!

    Baby wipes, ladies, that's the way to go!!!!

    Thank you LV_Addict!!!!!:flowers: :flowers:
  2. How old is the bag you are doing this on?
  3. omgosh you should post before and after pics
  4. YAY!!! I am glad it worked out for you too!!!:wlae:I have a couple of other products in mind! I have yet to test them but I will!!!:lol:
  5. Thats great, you are going to love that bag, it was my first LV and it's still one of favorites
  6. Well the bag is 5 years old cause the date code is from 01. Also, I know I should have taken pics of before but I didn't think of it at the time. I was actually trying to convince my sister to let me try it on her bag....thinking if it worked I would scoop it up from her and if it didn't I figured how much worse could it look?? :smile: It is still not dry, but it is looking fabulous!!!! I will post a pic here of when it is dry totally so you can see what it looks like.

    I mean, this is totally patina'd cause it's 5 years old and the patina is devleoped, it's just that the handle was really dirty, marks and all on it. I just cannot believe the difference already!!!

    BTW, I used Huggies baby wipes and they are my new best friend!!!!
  7. I am glad it worked for you, I so have to remember this when i need to clean the handles of my speedy in the future
  8. Besides cleaning, does using the wipes make the vachetta darker/patinaed? or does the wipes actually reverse the patina?

    Hope my question makes sense.
  9. No, it doesn't reverse the patina. The wipes take the dirt off and then dry nicely and the bag is back to looking clean but the color of vachetta stays the same.
  10. I'm not familiar with baby wipes (or babies [​IMG] as a matter of fact :biggrin: ) but do these wipes contain some cleanser or oil, and are there lots of differencies between different brands?
  11. would you use the baby wipes as dirt maintenance, you know just to get the dirt off or wait and use it on already patinaed leather.
  12. Well, it did not darken or lighten the patina at all. It just cleaned the dirt off. There was apparently alot of dirt because the handle does look a little lighter than it was, but that's just because it's clean. It still has the same patina, just really clean looking.
  13. Godd deal! I will have to try this...Lord knows I have plenty of baby wipes around here, lol.

  14. awwwwww i love your baby icon :heart: adorable :love:
  15. Thanks for sharing this tip!!!