LV_Addict, This is YOU!!!!

  1. Dang it! You are SO RIGHT!!! I LOVE IT and now I WANT it!!!:cry: But I don't know if I would wear it though. Ladies with LV bracelets, do you wear yours often?
  2. Darren and Emma of Timeless_LV are the best. They had a great slogan during the holiday season:

    "Authentic Lasts A Lifetime - Not Just Christmas"

  3. Yes, I have heard that they are pretty good! Good to know!!!:idea:
  4. My friend has it to match her white Le Fab's very cool looking..
    go get it's calling your name
  5. I have that same one. I bought it to match my blue Le Fab too. I wear it when I carry my Le Fab. It is rather small and can be tight. You may want to try one on at the store. I use it and I love how it looks with the bag.
  6. :cry: I don't know what to do!!! I will call my SIL and, if it's not gone by tomorrow, I might get it.:shame:
  7. i think it only comes in small which is 6.9 inches. they only have the white and black in the stores in houston.
  8. I wear my bracelets all the time! I would looooooooooooove an s-lock suhali uhhh! or all of them!
  9. Ohhhhhh, it's so beautiful! Oh, how I wish I could have one!!!!!
  10. IMO you are taking away from the bag when You wear the bracelet kwim....THAT Bag alone with some Great clothing PERIOD....sometimes less is more!!!!!!!!!!!
    But if you gals like it GO FOR IT ;0
  11. Oh wow! it's beautiful! you should definitely go get it! :biggrin: