1. what LV bags would you suggest?
  2. for what?
  3. just any bag. i want to see wut everyone likes around here
  4. speedy, pochette, reade pm (in framboise), pti mc wallet (white and black),
  5. Too many to name.
  6. karman, you are funny!
  7. I highly suggest the MC Alma. One of my favs.
  8. I really like the alma and the speedy.
  9. speedies and pochettes

    but since your 12, i think you may want to lean more towards pochettes..

  10. Not sure why but this made me literally burst out laughing.
  11. Cute post...your like 12 right?:smile: I like the speedy...all of them.
  12. Any speedy 30 prefrebly the damier azur!
  13. This time absolutely any azur pieces
  14. Speedies are probably the most popular. Mono, damier, mini lin or denim.........
  15. Damier/Mono Papillon is another fav of PFers, Panda pochette is cute too.