LV Zippy - Does the Vernis get scratched/dented?

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  1. I hear a lot about how wonderfully durable LV wallets are, but I've never been a fan of LV (sorry!) until now... I love the vernis monogram, but is it as durable as the other materials available? I'd hate for it to be delicate or prone to dents and scratches and tears.
  2. It's not that delicate. I'd definitely avoid leaving it in a hot car.
    I am mindful of making sure I don't throw my keys, pens, sharp objects on it. I store all those in my pochette. Color transfer can occur with the lighter colors or ink from receipts. I just fold receipts in half if I'm going to store them in my wallet.
  3. i def stay away from the lighter colors this is y i love amarante
  4. I have a vernis pomme d'amour zippy coin purse and it's held up pretty good so far :smile:.... And by pretty good, I mean perfect! :biggrin:
  5. I have an ikat zcp and she is doing great! I do however have an issue with the zipper pull itself, sometimes it doesn't move around freely... (hope that makes sense) and I have to move it around manually. Does anyone else have or had this issue?
  6. I have the vernis alma in pomme and its perfect!
  7. I have a Pomme Sarah wallet that's 6 years old and it looks brand new.
  8. I have a Pomme ZCP and key. No issues to date!
  9. I have a vernis zippy coin purse in amarante and its held up well so far :smile: I love it! Still looks brand new!
  10. it is more scrachable than the others
    it is also prone to color transfer a bit more
    I think it is becuse ou the shine it makes everything
    less forgiving
  11. I had the pomme ZCP and sold it because I was afraid of the area around the zippy getting dirty. I have Rouge Faviste and it's pretty carefree. I definitely recommend darker colors like Amarante or Noir (if it's still available).
  12. I own several pomme items, an amarante zcp and violette 4 key holder. If you hold them to the light, you can see light surface scratches at certain angles but overall they look amazing! It's my favourite line :smile:
  13. I have the beige poudre in the Alma and the matching zippy and cles' - have had them since new (Nov 2012) and use them almost daily - have never had any colour transfer, marking or scratches.

    I hear a lot of people talking about staying away from light vernis - but I honestly haven't had any problems.

    I also have Pomme in the alma bb, and I notice fingerprints and smudging on it a lot more than the Beige Poudre.