LV Zippy Compact New Model

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  1. Can dollar bills fit in the zippy compact wallet without folding?
  2. Not in the new model.

    In the original model, in the big compartment they worked fine flat. And actually, I've put it under the "flap" a few times as well.
  3. what is the difference between the old and new model?
  4. The old model opened flat, and is actually still pictured on the website.

    The new model is laid out similar to the Zippy Coin Purse, just a bit longer and with more card slots.
  5. Does anyone know if this model will be available in DE soon?
  6. I was cruising the wallet clubhouse and someone posted a pic of their walker with US bills flat. They are next to the coins, in the gusset area - not in the slip pocket. I like this wallet myself and don't want to fold my bills so I've been stalking threads. HTH!