LV Zippers

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  1. Hi Guys...I was wondering if the zippers on the accessories & purses are 100% brass or just have a brass overlay. Do the zippers get less gold with use?
  2. I think they're just gold plated brass. And yeah with a LOT of use the color will lighten.
  3. Thank you for your response LVbabylove...I was wondering that because my zippy wallet's top part of the zipper has lightened compared to the sides and the inside zipper...usually 100% brass won't do that. It still looks gold but lighter than the sides or the inside zipper...I guess that's normal then? I guess the same would happen to the purses...bummer...they should use 100% brass. I love gold...but I guess getting a zippy wallet with palladium (silver hardware) would be a better idea since you really work the zipper a lot. By any the zipper pull also plated?
  4. You're welcome! And yeah it's lightening because the gold plating is wearing off. I don't think the actual zipper itself will do that too, but the pulls will.
  5. Yep agree, take my porte-cles for example, some of the plating had come off the zipper pull and so parts look tarnished. But I don't mind, it makes it look used, adds character and kind of a vintage edge to it. If it gets really bad I may consider getting it replated
  6. Yep i agree also...plated.
  7. Thank you guys...I am really bummed because I thought they were 100% brass and they were never gonna lighten. My zipper pull is still gold and bright but the top of the zipper (not the sides) has definetely lighten...probably from the constant opening and closing of the zipper and because that part is really exposed. They should use 100% brass zippers don't you think...I think that's what they put in some jeans? I guess the zippy wallet is prone to this.
  8. Is it possible to get them replated by our own using gold paint or are there some shops doing replating for such small items?
  9. I got my tarnished zipper pull replaced for free. :smile: