LV Zipper

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  1. I was cleaning my speedy's 30 hardware and noticed that the zipper on the outside has "Y". I have a keepall 50 and neverfull and both have engraved "8".
    Does it mean anything? Is it normal? Attaching picture of the part in question


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  2. Did you buy from the store or second-hand?
  3. I got it few years ago from malleries. just wondering about the speedy now. others are from Lv store.
  4. This is actually a number depicting the size of the zipper. I know LV has these numbers on that location of the zippers but I'm not sure if it is the right size for your speedy 30 (hopefully someone can double check by looking at theirs).
  5. My Speedy 35 has a 5 engraved on it...not sure if that helps at all.
  6. My Celine luggage tote main zipper has the 8. Hadn't noticed that for other brands yet
  7. Céline and LV are part of the same company. They may share similar practices. For example GUCCI and BOTTEGA VENETA have similar codes and color numbers (both Kering companies).
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